What's a good way to stop my insomnia?
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  • When was the last time you had a really good nights sleep?

    Do you, or someone you know find it hard to go to sleep? Wake up during the night? Wake up in the morning, desperate for another 10 minutes sleep?  If you don't sleep properly, you may also be experiencing memory problems, tiredness, headaches, depression, irritability, unable to concentrate.  Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms lately?

    Insomnia and snoring

    How do I stop my insomnia

    Insomnia - insomnia or sometimes just called sleeplessness is the inability to get to sleep or sleep well at night, it can be caused by stress, jet lag, a health condition, the medications you take, the amount of tea, coffee or alcohol you drink.

    How can I sleep better?

    Snoring - snoring can be a terrible problem, not only for you, but also for your partner. The continued lack of sleep can very often cause people to become depressed and / or irritable. Also, snoring from one person can cause serious relationship problems.

    Thankfully, sleeping in separate bedrooms isn't the only remedy for snoring. There's now effective solutions that can help both you and your partner sleep better at night and overcome the relationship problems caused when one person snores.

    The comments below are in date order, with the most recent at the top and was last updated on Thursday, the 20th of January 2022.

    Great product!
    "I've suffered with slight insomnia for about 12 years, nearly every night I would wake up about 2 in the morning and then found it hard to get back to sleep, maybe being awake for about an hour, so waking in the morning for work, and feeling really exhausted! My cousin recommended this sleep mist / sleep spray and said that it always helped them to sleep great, so I tried it, the effects were incredible, straight away on the very first night, I slept great. I do now usually sleep right through the night and wake up completely refreshed and ready for the day. Maybe once or twice in the week, I might wake in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, but as soon as I get back to bed, I just lightly spray the magic sleep mist lightly on the pillows and within a few moments I'm back to great sleep again. Totally and utterly recommended."
    Alan, St. Johns Wood, London, England.

    Fantastic product!!
    "I've had insomnia for years and had tried everything to help but to no avail. This product instantly puts me at ease by transforming a simple bedroom into a weekend spa getaway. The delicious blend of scents stay alive all night long easing you back into slumber even when you wake up for a midnight snack."
    Alexis, Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA.

    Totally recommended!
    "This sleep better pillow mist was recommended by a member of the family as they knew I suffered from sleeping issues. Really glad they did. It's been helping all of our family of all ages (including our dog) to sleep great. Our children are doing better at school now, because they're sleeping better at night."
    Alice, Tampa, Florida, USA.

    Love it!!
    "Absolutely love this product. It's my 'go to' to calm my busy mind after a long day at work. I spray a little on my pyjamas so they smell great and I mist it over the bed before getting in at night.  If I wake in the night and can't drift off again, an extra spray in the air around the bed soon settles me again."
    Amanda, Hartington Place, Eastbourne, England.

    "If you have any sleeping problems, just buy it! My wife has had really bad sleeping issues over many, many years, I searched online, and bought this for her birthday, she now loves me forever! What better present can you buy for someone, the gift of great sleep!"
    Andy, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    Easy way to great sleep!
    "We have been using the pillow spray for several years now, & I really would not want to do without it. I started using it because my daughter slept very fitfully & frequently had night terrors & I didn't know what to do. It stopped her waking up in the night from the very first time she used it, which was amazing & I was very impressed. It really helps you breathe deeply before going to sleep, it smells very nice, not watery or overly sweet like some other pillow sprays I have tried & it even seems to make your dreams more vivid, which is fun! It might seem expensive, but it lasts for months & months & months & I really think it is well worth it. Five big fat stars."
    Ben, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England.